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Welcome to the Help web

  • The information in these documents may be useful but is no longer officially supported by the Computing Support Team. Please visit us at http://computing.cis.rit.edu

-- Brett Matzke - March 2007

Available Information

Common Topics

  • ComputingResources: A general overview of what computing resources CIS has to offer you.
  • ReadingEmail: Hopefully, everything you need to know in order to work with your CIS email, both here in the Center and on your own systems.
  • SettingUpCISEmail: How to forward your email from the CIS mail server.
  • SurfingTheWeb: Almost as important as reading your email, this tells you what browsers are available, how to run them, and so on.
  • EditingFiles: An description of the various editors available on our lab systems, including how (and why) to use them.
  • ProgrammingTopics: Information on programming languages, tools, techniques, and other such related information.
  • AstroSoftware: Documents the growing collection of software tools related to astronomy installed on our systems.
  • TextProcessing: Brief overviews of using LaTeX, DocBook, and other ways of mangling text and documentation.
  • PrintingStuff: This topic describes not just what printers are available in the Center, but also how to access them from both our systems as well as your own machines.
  • BurningDisks: How to burn data onto CDs and DVDs in Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.
  • VacationEmail: How to setup your self or another user to use a vacation email auto-reply.
  • UsingDatabases: Information on using the database servers in CIS.
  • YourAccount: Things you should know about your account: directories, permissions, passwords, all those pesky dot files...
  • PublishingWebPages: How to publish your own web page on the CIS server.
  • NewQuestions: This is where you ask us questions that aren't yet answered in this web. (Don't bother.)
  • WhatsNew: Any recent changes to the CIS computing environment.

Remote Connections

  • RemoteDesktop: A guide on how to set up and use Windows Remote Desktop.
  • UsingVNC: A specific guide on how to set up VNC securely.


Help Web Utilities

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