Megaphone This is the newly updated CIS wiki, based on TWiki version 6.1.0 (Kampala). Be sure to see the WhatsNew topic. All your data should be intact, but if you find something missing, please don't hesitate to notify me at! -- JimBodie - 2018-11-09

What's New?

We've upgraded our TWiki installation to 5.0.0, also known as the Helsinki release. What does that mean for you? Well, a few things...

Logging In and Out

Logging in and out of the new wiki is vastly improved over the old site. At the top of your window is a grayish bar, and down at the right end of the bar is a button labeled Account. Use this to log into your account. If you're on a public computer, be sure to log out when you're done!

Where Are The Webs?

The left bar you're used to, listing all the webs, has been retired. Everything is now managed on that new bar at the top of your window. Look at the left end of the bar; you'll see something called Home. Under it you should find the names of all the webs you can access.

If you have a "hidden web", one that doesn't appear in the Home list above, you still have to navigate straight to it as before; you probably used a bookmark for it. If you know the name of the hidden private web you want to visit, you can type it into the Jump box at the top right of the page, adding a period onto the end of it. Normally, you'd use the Jump box to jump to a specific topic in the current web, but it's actually more powerful than that, and one use for it is accessing hidden or private webs that aren't advertised in the Home list on the left.

Here's a summary of how to use the Jump box; it should be clear how you can use it to access hidden materials on this site.

Using the Jump Box
You type... Takes you to...
FooBar The FooBar topic in the current web
Baz.FooBar The FooBar topic over in the Baz web
Baz. The home topic over in the Baz web
(note the period typed at the end of Baz; otherwise, this is no different than a topic jump)

People Web

In the old wiki, your personal topics, non-specific topics, and so on, all appeared in a web called People. Thus, when you needed to reference something there from another web in the wiki, you probably wrote something like People.FooBar.

This web is now known as Main, not People. So, these days, you would simple call out to Main.FooBar instead.

A simple edit, really. I've already made it for you in most of the existing topics, so you don't have to change anything. In all future text that you write, though, be certain to say Main and not People.

TIP If you want to "future-proof" your pages, don't write Main or People:

  • Instead of Main.FooBar, write %USERSWEB%.FooBar
  • Instead of TWiki.FooBar, write %SYSTEMWEB%.FooBar
  • Don't worry about it for any other web, including your own. I promise, I'll never rename your web without talking to you about it first.


The WYSIWYG editor on the old wiki, based on Kupu, has been completed replaced by TinyMCE.

It's a much better editor; so good that it's now the default editor. If you just hit the Edit button on a topic, you'll wind up using it instead of the plain text form from before.

If you still want to use the plain wiki text editor, no problem: look for the "Raw Edit" link at the bottom of the page. This might be especially important for those of you with Firefox extensions or Greasemonkey scripts used to edit TWiki topics in your own local text editors. (I know I do... -- BobKrzaczek)


Many of the plugins from the old wiki were not brought over. The simple fact is, they were almost never used. Every plugin on the system slows down the overall TWiki, so this time around, we're going to do things a bit differently.

If you need (or just want) a plugin from the old system added to this new wiki, tell me. I don't mind at all, I just need to know you really want it. If you don't tell me, I'll assume no one needs it.

If you want to see what's available for TWiki, feel free to visit the main site and look it all over.

Left Bars Are Gone

Well... sort of gone. They still exist, but they're used a little differently now. If you had your own custom left bar topic, its content now appears under the Account pulldown in the upper right corner.

If you had an elaborate left bar, it might not look right embedded as a pulldown. If this is the case, I recommend you:

  1. Delete or rename your existing left bar topic.
    • You could just move the topic to the Trash, as you've done before.
    • Or, you could rename it to something other than YourNameLeftBar, such as YourNameLeftBarOld. Then, you have it still around to reference, should it contain important stuff you don't want to lose just yet.
  2. Use the Create... link under the Account pulldown.
  3. Fill in the new topic with links to the things you need, that used to be in your old left bar topic.
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