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WebHome in Main web 2011-03-01 - 13:27 - r29 BobKrzaczek

Welcome to the nop web This is the CIS wiki, based on the TWiki platform. It allows us to group our work together into many "webs"; each web is dedicated to a particular ...

InstallingDirsigPythonScriptsInBlender in Main web 2011-01-18 - 20:41 - r3 RolandoRaqueno

Installing DIRSIG Python Scripts in Blender The following topic is a step by step example of how to install DIRSIG related python scripts in the Blender environment ...
Tags: Blender, Blender-Python-Interaction, DIRSIG, Python

DirsigBlenderDebugSimulationRuns in Main web 2011-11-01 - 15:07 - r19 AndyScott

DIRSIG Blender Debug Simulation Runs This topic described the DIRSIG Blender Debug Simulation Runs utility which gives the user a quick way of configuring several ...
Tags: Blender, DIRSIG, hyperspectral, LWIR, multispectral, Scene Library, SWIR, VNIR

ObjectIpoInfo in Main web 2011-01-15 - 07:57 - r1 PhilipY

PhilipY 2011 01 15 Object Ipo Curve Information in Blender 2.49b In "ipoInfo.blend" file there are three functions which extracts the ipo information (location and ...
Tags: Blender, DIRSIG

BlenderDirsigExportOdbFeatures in Main web 2011-07-25 - 17:07 - r8 AndyScott

Blender Routine to Export out DIRSIG ODB Files from Blender This is a topic that will discuss feature ideas for the DIRSIG export odb routine that transfers data ...
Tags: Blender, DIRSIG, Features

DirsigNetworkedFileSystemBug in Main web 2011-06-07 - 16:48 - r1 RolandoRaqueno

DIRSIG Networked File System Bug The midland standard scene directory appears to fail if it is accessed through a networked file system ( NFS or SSHFS ) on an ...
Tags: bugs, DIRSIG, OSX

WebHome in TWiki web 2010-05-14 - 23:17 - r93 TWikiContributor

The official TWiki site is twiki.org Welcome to the TWiki Documentation Web The place to learn about TWiki features and perform TWiki system maintenance. This ...

WebSearch in TWiki web 2010-05-14 - 21:44 - r23 TWikiContributor

'}% %SEARCH{ "" type "" scope "" web "" nosearch "" zeroresults "" }% soap wsdl "web service" shampoo A ...
Tags: DIRSIG, optimization

DirsigBlenderDebugSimulationRun in Main web 2011-01-21 - 20:42 - r3 NickGossard

DIRSIG/Blender Debug Simulation Run Configurator This topic describes a Blender tool that takes a DIRSIG .sim file and creates a debug case, blender.sim, file. ...
Tags: Blender, DIRSIG

CalculateColorsForMaterials in Main web 2011-11-01 - 15:19 - r4 AndyScott

PhilipY 2011 01 15 Calculate Editor's Color For Materials The file ColorsToMaterials.blend provides the following functionality: It calculates RGB values for each ...
Tags: Blender, DIRSIG, Python

ObjectLibraryTool in Main web 2011-01-15 - 03:16 - r2 PhilipY

PhilipY 2011 01 13 Object Library Tool Executing "Liberian.blend" file, the interface below will be shown. The main interface is split into three sub windows(two ...
Tags: Blender, DIRSIG

ENVIImageFromDIRSIGLidarPulse in Waveform web 2013-02-12 - 18:24 - r3 PaulRomanczyk

From Scott Brown: So looking at a DIRSIG .BIN file in ENVI is actually easy. In fact, we used to do this all the time, and we don't even need to write code to do it ...

CreatingDirsigTestSceneInBlender in Main web 2012-11-13 - 06:44 - r41 LamTran

How To Create a DIRSIG Test Scene in Blender The following tutorial will walk through step by step how to create a DIRSIG test scene in Blender. Because of the way ...
Tags: Blender, DIRSIG, How To ..., Tutorial

DirsigBlenderCameraMatchingTest in Main web 2010-12-21 - 17:00 - r8 RolandoRaqueno

DIRSIG/Blender Camera Matching Test This topic details an example of how the default Blender camera can be specified to match a rendered scene in both Blender and ...
Tags: Blender, Camera, DIRSIG, DOE, Python

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